Financial Clinic in the Workplace
How often do you go to work and start chatting with your fellow workers about the subject of finances. Whether it be your insurance or simply the growing price of your weekly shopping bill? Only to find out that others are in the same situation and are as clueless over a solution as yourselves.

Fortune Financial are constantly monitoring and dealing with the finances of 100's of grateful customers, and are therefore ideally suited to offer you advice on many of your money worries. And that goes for your work mates as well.

We can visit your place of work and speak to you all as a group, or individually, whichever suits you best.

Just call the number above, or drop us an email, and we will contact you to arrange a convenient time to come and see you.

...with our advice, you could have enough money left over to get that extra something that you may have had to overlook until now.